iCloud Activation Lock Removal Solution, Absolutely Free

Have you ever been in a situation where you forgot your password or an iCloud activation lock leaves you locked out of your own devices? The frustration and helplessness can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, amazing solutions to iCloud activation locks are waiting to be uncovered, and the best part? They’re free.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a casual user, or someone desperately seeking to regain access to your beloved device. In this article, we’ll explain what an iCloud activation lock is, and how it works. We will examine the free and paid methods you can use to remove your iCloud activation lock.

What exactly is Activation Lock?

In today’s digital era, our gadgets carry a wealth of personal information, ranging from beloved memories saved in images to sensitive data kept in applications and documents. To protect this precious material, Apple implemented iCloud Activation Lock, a sophisticated security feature. 

iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature that prevents unauthorized access to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It acts as a formidable barrier, guaranteeing that only the device’s legitimate owner may activate and utilize it. This security function kicks in when your smartphone is lost, stolen, or sold to a new owner.

How iCloud Activation Lock works:

iCloud Activation Lock is triggered automatically on your device when Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is enabled. This implies that your Apple ID gets associated with the device, making your login information necessary to unlock it. Therefore, the Activation Lock will prevent anybody from configuring or using the device without your Apple ID and password.

The Activation Lock is tightly integrated into the operating system of the device and functions in concert with Apple’s servers. To confirm your credentials and provide access, communication between your device and the iCloud servers is required. Even if someone succeeds in bypassing the first lock screen, they will still be unable to activate the iPhone without your unique Apple ID and password.

Purpose of iCloud Activation Lock

The main goal of iCloud Activation Lock is to prevent Apple device theft and illegal usage. Apple intends to secure your personal information, prevent your device from being easily reset and resold, and, ultimately, deter theft in the first place by deploying this security precaution.

Thieves find it very difficult to sell stolen devices when iCloud Activation Lock is set since prospective purchasers are aware that they would be unable to activate and use a locked device without the original owner’s credentials. This serves as a strong deterrent, lowering the motivation for criminals to target Apple devices.

In addition to preventing theft, iCloud Activation Lock protects your privacy and guarantees that your personal data is secure even if your iPhone comes into the wrong hands. By making the device inoperable without your Apple ID and password, Activation Lock provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your important information is safe.

iCloud Activation Lock is an important line of defense, combining modern security features with the strength of Apple’s ecosystem to protect your device and personal data.

Free iCloud Activation Lock Removals (Online)

In the world of iCloud activation lock removals, there are many tools out there claiming to offer a free solution. But before you jump in, it’s important to do your research because not all tools live up to their promises and some might even come with risks. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our recommended methods that you can trust to remove your iCloud activation lock absolutely free of charge.

1. WipeLock LuckyDog

WipeLock is a reputable small company that provides assistance in unlocking iCloud and other locks on Apple devices. It has become the go-to tool for many Apple users when they encounter locked iCloud or any other lock-related issues with their devices.

In addition to iCloud activation lock removal, WipeLock can also unlock SIM networks, locked screens, FRP, and a few other types of locks. However, it’s worth mentioning that WipeLock may not be as up-to-date with updates compared to its competitors, and opinions about the company vary between positive and negative.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ll take a closer look at WipeLock’s legitimacy and efficiency. We’ll delve into whether it’s still a reliable solution like it used to be. And if WipeLock doesn’t meet your needs, we also shared an alternative solution that you might find suitable. So keep reading to find out more!

Unlocking iCloud Activation Lock with WipeLock LuckyDog

WipeLock LuckyDog presents an exclusive opportunity for its readers through the “Lucky Dog” plan. This plan aims to assist three lucky individuals per month in bypassing iCloud activation by utilizing their device’s IMEI. By participating in this plan, you can have a chance to permanently unlock your device and enjoy its full functionality without any limitations. The generosity of WipeLock LuckyDog in providing this service for free is commendable, and it demonstrates their commitment to helping individuals overcome iCloud Activation Lock challenges.

How to Participate in the “Lucky Dog” Plan:

To participate in the “Lucky Dog” plan and potentially benefit from the free iCloud Activation Lock removal or repair service offered by WipeLock LuckyDog, follow these steps:

1. Share the Post: Share the designated post from WipeLock LuckyDog on your preferred social media platform, spreading the word about this unique opportunity. By sharing the post, you not only increase your chances of being selected as one of the lucky individuals but also help others in similar situations discover this valuable service.

2. Leave a Comment: Alternatively, you can leave a comment below the post, expressing your interest in the “Lucky Dog” plan. By engaging with the post, you become eligible for the selection process and stand a chance to receive assistance in bypassing your iCloud activation.

Selection Process and Notification:

WipeLock LuckyDog will randomly choose three individuals from the pool of participants who have shared the post or left a comment. At the end of each month, the chosen participants will be contacted by WipeLock LuckyDog to begin the process of permanently unlocking their devices. This personalized approach ensures fairness and transparency in the selection process, giving everyone an equal opportunity to benefit from this exceptional service.

WipeLock “Lucky Dog” plan, as presented on their seller’s website, offers a unique and rare opportunity to bypass iCloud activation for free. This game-changing solution enables individuals to permanently remove or repair the iCloud Activation Lock on their devices, allowing them to use their devices without any limitations. By participating in the “Lucky Dog” plan, you not only have a chance to unlock your device but also contribute to the community by sharing valuable information and resources. Embrace this opportunity provided by WipeLock LuckyDog, and you may become one of the lucky individuals who can finally regain control of their iCloud-locked device without spending a dime. Good luck!

2. iCloud DNS Bypass

iCloud DNS Bypass is a method that takes advantage of a loophole in the iCloud Activation Lock process. By modifying the DNS (Domain Name System) settings on your device, you can redirect it to a custom DNS server. This alteration allows you to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock screen temporarily and access some limited functionality on your device. It’s essential to note that iCloud DNS Bypass does not remove the actual iCloud Activation Lock, but rather provides a workaround to gain temporary access.

Detailed Steps for iCloud DNS Bypass:

Note: Before starting this process, make sure you have a sim card inserted into your device, as it is required for this process to be successful.

Step 1: Begin by turning on your locked device. Select your preferred language and your country from the menu, then click the “Proceed” button to move to the next page.

Step 2: On the activation screen, when prompted to enter the Wi-Fi password, tap on the “i” icon next to the Wi-Fi network name.

Step 3: If you’ve accidentally connected to the wifi network already, Disconnect your wifi network by clicking the “forget this Network” button.

Step 4: To proceed with the bypass, navigate to the DNS section by scrolling down. Look for the option titled “Configure DNS” and select it. 

Step 5: Choose “Manual” and input the specific iCloud Bypass DNS Server IP address based on your region, which can be found in the provided list.

  • USA:
  • Europe:
  • South America:
  • Asia:
  • Australia or Oceania:
  • Other locations:

Step 6: Next, ensure that you remove the previous DNS server that was set on your ISP modem. For instance, in my example above, the old DNS server was

Step 7: Return to the Wi-Fi network selection screen and tap on your wireless network to establish a connection. By following these steps, you will be ready to proceed with the bypass.

Step 8: Next, you’ll come across a screen where iOS will try to connect to Apple’s activation servers. The device will attempt to activate using the custom DNS server, Just tap the back button located in the upper left corner. 

Step 9: If successful, you will be redirected to the iCloud Activation Lock bypass screen, providing limited access to device functions.

Step 10: From there, you’ll find a selection of apps to choose from. These apps let you watch videos, chat with friends, send messages, listen to music, or even take awesome photos.

Cons of iCloud DNS Bypass:

While iCloud DNS Bypass may provide temporary access to your locked device, it’s important to consider the following limitations and drawbacks:

1. Limited Functionality: The bypassed iCloud Activation Lock screen only provides access to a restricted set of device functions, such as browsing the internet, sending messages, using certain apps, or accessing some settings. Core features like making calls, or using iCloud services remain inaccessible.

2. Temporary Solution: iCloud DNS Bypass is not a permanent solution for removing the iCloud Activation Lock. The bypassed access can be revoked at any time by Apple or if you restart your device.

3. Security and Privacy Risks: Altering the DNS settings poses potential security and privacy risks. By redirecting your device’s traffic through a custom DNS server, you may expose your data to potential vulnerabilities or unauthorized access.

4. Lack of Device-specific Support: iCloud DNS Bypass does not provide individualized support for different device models or iOS versions. The effectiveness of this method may vary, and there is no guarantee that it will work for all devices.

By any chance, if this method doesn’t work for you, try the next method.

Ask the Seller for Help

When purchasing a used Apple device, it is crucial to ensure its iCloud Activation Lock status. If you find that the device is locked, it’s advisable to contact the seller promptly. By explaining the situation and seeking their assistance, you may be able to resolve the issue amicably. The seller, as the original owner or intermediary, may possess the necessary information or credentials to help you bypass the iCloud Activation Lock.

To make things easier for you, here’s a detailed process on how you can ask the seller for help.

Step 1. Collect Relevant Information

Before contacting the seller, gather all essential information related to the purchase. This includes the device’s serial number, IMEI number, and any receipts or documentation proving your ownership.

Step 2. Find Contact Details

Locate the seller’s contact information from the purchase platform or any previous communication you had with them. If you purchased the device from a marketplace or website, utilize the provided messaging system or email to establish contact.

Step 3. Clearly Explain the Situation

Draft a polite and concise message explaining the iCloud Activation Lock issue you’ve encountered. Clearly state that you are unable to activate or use the device due to the lock and request their assistance in resolving the matter.

Step 4. Request iCloud Account Disassociation

Ask the seller to remove their iCloud account from the device, ensuring that it is no longer associated with their Apple ID. This disassociation is essential for you to activate and use the device with your own Apple ID.

Step 5. Provide Proof of Purchase

To strengthen your case, attach copies of any receipts, invoices, or transaction records that prove your purchase of the device from the seller. This evidence demonstrates your legitimacy as the current owner and strengthens your request for assistance.

Step 6. Maintain Open Communication

Stay responsive and cooperative throughout the process. Be prepared to provide additional information or clarification if the seller requires it. Timely communication fosters a positive and productive resolution.

Reaching out to the seller is an often overlooked but potentially fruitful approach to resolving iCloud Activation Lock issues.

So, you’ve hit a roadblock with the seller. Maybe they refuse to help or simply don’t respond to your requests. Don’t worry, there’s still a next step you can take to tackle the problem, keep reading.

Ask Apple Support for Help

Contacting Apple Support for help with iCloud Activation Lock removal or repair may be a feasible alternative. We will go through the processes for contacting Apple Support and how they may help you restore access to your iPhone.

Step 1: Gather Important Data

Make sure you have all the relevant information on hand before calling Apple Support. This includes any pertinent ownership-related paperwork, the device’s serial number or IMEI number, and evidence of purchase. The support procedure will go more smoothly and Apple will be able to serve you more effectively if you have this information on hand.

Step 2: Contact Apple Support

Depending on your preferences and convenience, there are numerous methods to contact Apple Support. You may:

  • Go to the Apple Support website: Begin by going to the Apple Support website (support.apple.com). You’ll find a plethora of resources there, such as help articles, troubleshooting tips, and the ability to chat with a support professional.
  • Use the Apple Support app: If you prefer a mobile-friendly solution, install the Apple Support app on your iOS device. This software offers a variety of assistance options, including chat and phone support.
  • Contact Apple Support: You may also contact Apple Support via phone. Visit the Apple Support website to find the phone number that corresponds to your area and then follow the directions to speak with a support agent.

Step 3: Explain the Problem and Provide Relevant Information

Explain your problem with the iCloud Activation Lock in detail when you speak with an Apple Support professional. Give them the necessary information, including your device’s IMEI or serial number, proof of purchase, and any other information they may need. Apple Support will be better able to help you if you supply more precise and thorough information.

Step 4: Adhere to Apple Support’s Instructions

After you’ve detailed the problem, an Apple Support professional will walk you through the procedures required to remedy the iCloud Activation Lock issue. They may need further information or request that you do certain steps on your device to aid in the removal or repair process. Cooperate with the representative and attentively follow their recommendations.

Step 5: If necessary, provide proof of ownership

In certain circumstances, Apple Support may request further proof of device ownership. They may want evidence of purchase or other paperwork to authenticate your ownership of the device. Prepare to supply any essential paperwork as soon as possible to aid in the settlement process.

Step 6: Wait for the iCloud Activation Lock to be removed/repaired.

After giving all the required information and following Apple Support’s instructions, you must wait for the iCloud Activation Lock removal or repair procedure to complete. The length of this procedure varies according to the intricacy of the problem. If you need updates or more instructions, contact Apple Support.

When faced with an iCloud Activation Lock problem, contacting Apple Support might be a beneficial option. You may improve your chances of effectively removing or correcting the iCloud Activation Lock by contacting their support channels, giving the essential information, and following their instructions.  

The Risks of Using Free Online iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools – Are They Worth It?

You may have come across free online iCloud Activation Lock removal programs in your hunt for a solution that claims to unlock your iPhone in a flash. But, before you jump on the “free” bandwagon, consider the hazards. Are these tools really worthwhile? Let’s find out!

Note: We’re not claiming that all free internet tools are sketchy or fraudulent. There are several real ones available that may actually assist you in bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock. However, it is important to proceed with care and be aware of the possible hazards. 

Here are a few reasons why depending only on free internet resources may be a bad idea:

1. Security Issues: When using a free online tool, you are often asked to enter sensitive information such as your device’s IMEI number or personal information. Sharing this information with an unknown web platform raises worries about security. You never know how they will handle and keep your information. There is always the possibility that your information may slip into the wrong hands, resulting in privacy violations or even identity theft.

2. Malware and Viruses: Some free internet tools may include malicious software or viruses. Software installation from an unreliable source exposes your device to the risk of damage. These harmful apps have the potential to damage the security of your device, steal your personal data, or even make your device completely useless.

3. Lack of Updates and maintenance: When it comes to updates and continuous maintenance, free online tools often fall behind. Because they operate on a “free” basis, developers may not prioritize maintaining tool functioning or resolving growing concerns. This implies you might be using an outdated tool that is ineffective or even causes compatibility issues with newer iOS versions.

4. Unreliable Results: While some free tools may claim to have a high success rate, the fact is that they may not always deliver on their promises. iCloud Activation Lock removal is a difficult procedure with no one-size-fits-all approach. Relying only on a free tool may result in disappointment if it fails to unlock your smartphone, wasting your time and even returning you to the beginning.

Given these dangers, it’s critical to consider hard before depending only on free online iCloud Activation Lock removal programs. The security of your device and personal information should always be a top concern. Instead, look for trustworthy and trusted paid services or contact official Apple Support for assistance. While these choices may be more expensive, they provide peace of mind, dependable outcomes, and expert help throughout the process.

Remember that your Apple device is a significant possession, and you deserve a reliable option for unlocking iCloud Activation Lock. Don’t allow the appeal of “free” to deceive you about the risks involved. It is preferable to invest in a dependable service that emphasizes your security and delivers the assistance you need.

When it comes to unlocking your iCloud Activation Lock, remain educated, be careful, and make informed judgments. Your device and sensitive information deserve the utmost security!

Paid iCloud activation lock removals

When it comes to iCloud Activation Lock removal, there are several paid solutions available in the market. Two popular options worth considering are AppleiPhoneUnlock and Tenorshare 4MeKey. In this section, we will explore the features, benefits, and detailed steps involved in using these paid services to remove iCloud Activation. Let’s dive in.


AppleiPhoneUnlock is a reputable paid service that specializes in removing iCloud Activation Lock from Apple devices. They provide those who find themselves locked out of their iCloud accounts with a trustworthy and safe solution. AppleiPhoneUnlock strives to provide consumers who want to restore access to their devices a smooth experience with their knowledge and resources.


1. Removing the iCloud Activation Lock: AppleiPhoneUnlock offers a specialized solution to unlock your Apple device’s iCloud Activation Lock. You may then use your smartphone without any restrictions thanks to this.

2. Compatibility: The service is compatible with a wide range of Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Whether you have the latest model or an older version, AppleiPhoneUnlock strives to cater to your unlocking needs.

3. Trusted and Secure: AppleiPhoneUnlock prioritizes customer security and ensures the confidentiality of personal information. They have a trusted track record and take necessary precautions to protect user data throughout the iCloud Activation Lock removal process.

4. Money-back guarantee: By any chance, if the iCloud activation lock removal isn’t successful, you’ll be given a money-back guarantee.

Detailed Steps on How to Unlock Your Device with AppleiPhoneUnlock

Before proceeding with this method, note that AppleiphoneUnlock won’t work on any device that had been blacklisted (reported lost or stolen)

1. Visit the AppleiPhoneUnlock Website: Start by visiting the official AppleiPhoneUnlock website. Take some time to explore their services and gather the necessary information about iCloud Activation Lock removal.

2. Supply Device Information: You must supply precise information about your device in order to start the unlocking process. The IMEI, serial, or other special identifiers of the device may be included here. To correctly submit the necessary information, adhere to the website’s instructions.

3. Select your Device Model: On the AppleiPhoneUnlock website, you will find a list of supported device models. Choose the appropriate model of your Apple device that requires iCloud Activation Lock removal.

4. Make Payment: AppleiPhoneUnlock is a paid service, and you will need to make a payment for their assistance, starting from $28 and increasing depending on the device model. The website will guide you through the payment process, which typically involves selecting a service package and entering your payment details.

5. Wait for the Unlocking Process: Once the payment is made, AppleiPhoneUnlock will commence the iCloud Activation Lock removal process. The duration of this process may vary depending on factors such as device model and demand. Stay connected with the provided contact information to receive updates on the progress of your unlocking request.

6. Enjoy Your Unlocked Device: Once the iCloud Activation Lock removal process is completed, AppleiPhoneUnlock will notify you. You can now use your device without any restrictions and regain access to all its features and functionalities.

Tenorshare 4MeKey

Tenorshare 4MeKey is a premium solution that removes iCloud Activation Locks. It provides a simple and user-friendly method for bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock on numerous Apple devices. Tenorshare 4MeKey promises to give a solution whether you have lost your Apple ID or acquired a used device with the iCloud Activation Lock activated.


1. Fast and Reliable Removal: Tenorshare 4MeKey offers quick and dependable iCloud Activation Lock removal, enabling customers to quickly restore access to their devices.

2. Broad Device Compatibility: The service works with a variety of Apple gadgets, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods, making it a flexible option for various customers.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Tenorshare 4MeKey features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use, even those with little technical expertise.

4. Free Trial: The service comes with a free trial that can help you detect whether your Apple device is supported or not, saving you the time of trial and error

Detailed Instructions for Using Tenorshare 4MeKey:

The following procedures are required to remove the iCloud Activation Lock using Tenorshare 4MeKey:

1. Download and install the software: To get started, download Tenorshare 4MeKey from their official website. Install the program on your computer when it has been downloaded.

2. Run Tenorshare 4MeKey: To begin the removal procedure, use the Tenorshare 4MeKey program on your computer. Select “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” and follow the on-screen instructions.

3. Jailbreak begins: To proceed, press start and 4meykey will start the jailbreak of your Apple device.

4. Connect Your Device: Using a compatible lightning cable, connect your locked Apple device to the computer. Make sure the computer can identify the device.

5. Confirm device information: After the jailbreak, you’ll be prompted to verify your device information, then click the “Start”  button

6. Wait for the Process to Finish: Allow Tenorshare 4MeKey to evaluate your device and remove the iCloud Activation Lock. The time it takes to complete the procedure may vary based on your device and internet connection speed.

7. Device Successfully Unlocked: When the procedure is finished, Tenorshare 4MeKey will alert you that the iCloud Activation Lock has been removed successfully. You may now use and access your device without limitation.

Cons of Tenorshare 4MeKey’s

1. Paid Service: Tenorshare 4MeKey is a paid service, thus customers must pay to use its iCloud Activation Lock removing features. This might be a disadvantage for those looking for a free option.

2. Reliance on Third-Party Software: Using Tenorshare 4MeKey necessitates reliance on third-party software, which may pose security and privacy issues for certain users.

3. Little Customer Support: Some customers have stated that Tenorshare provides little customer support, which may be difficult when dealing with problems or needs help.

4. Inability to use a different iCloud account: When you factory reset an iOS device, the iCloud lock can become active again. Additionally, you won’t be able to sign in with a different iCloud account after removing the lock.

5. Limited iCloud features: It’s important to keep in mind that even if you use this tool to bypass the lock, certain iCloud features may still be off-limits.

6. It involves jailbreaking: It’s worth noting that when you choose to remove the iCloud lock using Tenorshare 4MeKey, the process involves jailbreaking your iOS device, which comes with its own set of risks.


If you ever get locked out of your iOS device because of an activation lock, it’s important to get the right iCloud unlocking tools to keep yourself and your device safe.

While some free options like WipeLock’s LuckyDog and iCloud DNS Bypass exist. Do your research and make sure you’re using a reliable tool. And if you run into any trouble, reaching out to the seller or contacting Apple Support for assistance can be viable options.

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