Outlook vs. Skiff – Which Email Protects Your Privacy Best?

Nowadays, our inboxes are packed with way more than friendly hellos. They’ve become a trove of personal and work info we’d hate to see in the wrong hands. And with cyber threats growing by the day, picking a secure email provider matters more than ever. But it’s not as simple as just choosing a platform — it’s like selecting a digital bodyguard. 

If you’ve been weighing a switch to lock down your email behind stronger privacy shields, this breakdown should help make up your mind. We’ll compare Outlook against Skiff when it comes to keeping your communication safe.

Outlook vs Skiff: A Detailed Security Comparison

When it comes to protecting your email, Outlook and Skiff take different approaches. Outlook has long been a popular choice worldwide thanks to handy tools like encryption and spam filters. But Skiff goes even further to guard your inbox through sophisticated yet easy-to-manage privacy features.

For example, Outlook does offer encryption but frankly, it can be a pain to set up and still leaves gaps in coverage. The whole system famously broke down once in a major breach that exposed contact lists, subject lines, dates, and more. With all that, lots of people have switched to outside options like Skiff Mail for rock-solid end-to-end encryption that truly keeps their communications safe.

End-to-End Encryption

At its core, Skiff Mail leans on end-to-end encryption to keep messages locked down. They’re one of just a few email services that encrypt not only the content but also the subject lines for maximum protection. Here’s how it works – the sender sends the message using an encryption key only the recipient has, so it’s unknown to anyone else. Not even Skiff itself can know what was sent. The email stays encrypted the whole way as it travels to the intended inbox. If any hackers managed to intercept it, tough luck reading that! Outlook does offer some standard encryption but nothing so airtight. Without end-to-end, it leaves open the option for itself and others to access bits of user data.

Multi-factor authentication and Account Security

Both Outlook and Skiff give you multi-factor authentication (MFA) as an option. That’s where you use a special app to generate a new password each time you log in. So even if someone nabs your main password, they can’t actually get into your account. But Skiff goes above and beyond here too. They can provide an extra long, unique passphrase with over 30 words to further verify your identity. You can even use this with contacts to confirm you’re really talking to each other.

The bottom line? Outlook and Skiff both have strong security offerings overall. But when it comes to locking down your privacy, Skiff pulls off moves its rival just can’t match. If you want safe and smooth communication, sign up and check out Skiff Mail’s protection for yourself with a free account!

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